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Rethinking Insurance Agency Marketing
What Is This Book About?
Agents Of Change is being viewed as THE definitive guide to Insurance Agency Marketing in the New Economy. The authors reveal unconventional, yet extremely effective "Referral Marketing Strategies" very few are aware of along with a road map to put them to use. 
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I eliminated $6,500 PER MONTH I previously spent buying Internet leads!

"My insurance agency implemented everything that is detailed in "Agents Of Change", and my numbers now confirm, without a doubt, that they really do work. Just 6-months after we made the changes, we're writing 33% more business and doing it with fewer staff. Referrals now account for 25%-35% of our monthly revenue, which is double what it used to be. In addition, I eliminated $6,500/month in expenses that I previously spent buying internet leads. The best part is that my agency is now helping local charities and developing deeper relationships within our community, and it's all brought our team closer together.

- Brandon Vanderbeck, Vanderbeck Agency

We've seen a 61% increase in production!

"Not very long ago, I was trying to tackle countless different initiatives within our insurance agency and lacked a clear vision for how to implement it all. Then, I read “Agents of Change” and a light bulb went off in my head. The results? We’ve exceeded our previous production every month since by an average of 61%. Even better...we’ve done it with 56% fewer sales people! I now give a copy of the book to all job candidates. I need them to have a good understanding of why we do what we do. They must want to become Agents Of Change with us, and if offered a position on our team, they’ll already be familiar with our tools for success."

- Shannon Stiles, Bill Mull Agencies 

A roadmap on how to overcome the hurdles every Agency faces...

"A must read for any insurance agent looking for a way to consistently get better results! It can easily serve as a road map on how to run your agency and provides detailed solutions on how to systematically overcome the hurdles every agency faces. Thanks for the insights John, Jay, Natalia and your Agency Marketing Machine team. I know you work tirelessly to help agents, including me, exceed all of our goals!"

- Kevin Mlynarek, Mlynarek Insurance Agencies

Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • Never Cold Call Again! When you learn how to become the “Hunted” instead of the “Hunter,” your Agency will grow exponentially. This book will show how to make the shift and get your phones ringing.
  • Breakthrough Retention Secrets: How a simple 5% increase in retention can lead to a 25% increase in profitability. But only if you know the “Customer Lifetime Value Formula” we lay out for you on pg. 34. Miss this and you’re playing Russian roulette with your Agency. 
  • The Crown Jewel Of Agency Marketing: The one-and-only Customer Development Tool you will ever need to stay the #1 choice in your customer’s mind for insurance needs. 
  • Employee Satisfaction & Retention Secrets: This book is guaranteed to show you how to dramatically increase employee retention and engagement so that your team is happy, focused and productive. 
  • How To Build A World Class Agency Brand that stands out and gets you noticed in a noisy, crowded marketplace. This is critical today. There is a right way to do this and a wrong way to do this. We’ll break down the right steps for you on pg. 19.
  • Cracking The Facebook Code: Yes! Finally, a professional system and a strategic Facebook process specifically for Insurance Agency owners that you can follow to get your Agency’s message noticed and shared on Social Media. 
  • Become A Public Relations Machine: When we show you these powerful, little-known PR strategies (that turn into sales events) in chapter 8, you will be blown away. And the best part, they are essentially free!
  • The 3 Profit Levers: These are the only three things you and your team should be focused on day in and day out. Yet, surprisingly, most Agency owners miss this and struggle to get new customers. You never will after you read this book. 
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